Kits and Reagents

Sale of electrophoresis kits for serum proteins, immunofixation, hemoglobin, and lipoproteins

The kits contain everything needed for electrophoretic analysis. The following methods of analysis are available: serum proteins, immunofixation, alkaline hemoglobins, and lipoproteins.

Single packs of reagents are available in both concentrated and ready to use forms.

Cellulose acetate membranes

Cell Start Project has a well-established tradition in the production of cellulose acetate membranes – both PET (polyethylene terephthalate polyethylene) supported and unsupported. The membranes can be used for any type of diagnostic application, with both automated and manual systems.

Serum protein

The high resolutive capacity and excellent analytical sensitivity of the serum protein ​​method permits identification of monoclonal components, both in the case of additional pathological bands, and of anomalous variations of the bands that are normally present in the standard path.


This method permits the typing of monoclonal components identified in the electrophoretic pattern. The high resolutive capacity of protein fractions is added to the specificity of antisera in order to recognize the light and heavy chains of monoclonal components.


Electrophoresis is carried out at alkaline pH on a cellulose acetate support in a dedicated format, and permits the separation of hemoglobinic variants. The information provided by this test is important for the study of hemoglobinopathies.


The electrophoretic analysis of plasma lipoproteins is a fundamental complement to the determination of lipid structure, providing essential qualitative information. This method is important for the assessment of abnormalities in lipid metabolism through the identification of the 6 Fredrickson phenotypes (eg: familial hypercholesterolemia, familial hypertriglyceridemia, and other lipid abnormalities).

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