Cell Start Project in Cologno, Monzese sells numerous laboratory instruments. The company offers a range of equipment beginning with a variety of electrophoresis systems in Cologno Monzese. The main types of system offered are densitometer for electrophoresis, manual technique systems (electrophoresis chamber, generator for electrophoresis, and horizontal electrophoresis chamber), fully automated machines (electrophoresis system on cellulose acetate (clinical/compact), electrophoresis system for immunofixation/bench-top, cellulose acetate electrophoresis system/for proteins/compact, and laboratory reagent kit for electrophoresis. Cell Start Project’s production comprises the complete production cycle: from raw material to the finished product, from kit to diagnostic determination of the variants of serum proteins, lipoproteins, hemoglobin and immunofixation.

Specialized in the production of cellulose acetate membranes in Milan

Cell Start Project is not only specialized in the sale of laboratory instruments in Cologno Monzese: this private company is also renowned for its production of cellulose acetate membranes in Milan. The production of acetate membranes can be sustained in Mylar or in the self-sufficient matrix, according to the type of analyzer to be used. But what are the characteristics of these materials? Cellulose acetate membranes have a lower specific protein absorption level compared to cellulose nitrate or to regenerated cellulose versions; they are the appropriate choice for biological studies, electrophoresis, and for clinical and laboratory tests in general. They have high levels of thermal and solvent resistance and are able to tolerate repeated steam sterilization, retaining unaltered integrity and effectiveness.

Automated systems

Manual systems

Kits and reagents

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